The past week I've started the MIT Challenge, I've started with 8.01 Classical Mechanics.

The first day (Monday) it was challenging , I'm using the Pomodoro Technique to study, I was able only to do 2 hours and I've realized that this challenge was going to be much difficult than I expected. The second day was not much different I studied 2 hours as well. For the past 2 days I was waking up at 5:50am to start studying at 6:00 am.

After 4 hours I had not advanced much studying the subject, I've started with Week #0 and still was in the middle of the week.

Third day I didn't start as usual, there were a few things that I needed to do and I didn't took the time to continue with the challenge.

The next days I didn't continue studying, I didn't wake early and just started working as if I've never started the challenge.

From the last week I've learned that If I want to complete the challenge I need to be create the habits that will help me to complete the challenge.

I'll resume the challenge today, for this week I'm going to change the way I've study, I'll start slow and then gradually start increasing the workload:

  • I'll wake up at 6:50am
  • I'll do 1 hour of study

Even though this week wasn't what I expected, I'm glad it happened.